How do I register?

Click on create an account link above and fill in the form with the required details.

Why do I need a password?

You are required to provide a password for your account to keep your information secure. Without a password anyone would be able to access your personal details and even change them, a password ensures that your personal information remains hidden from other site users. Your password can be a mixture of letters and numbers, in lower or upper case. between 4 and 14 characters.

Why do I need a mobile number?

You are required to provide a mobile number to register. The mobile number limits the multiple registration of a single user and therefore limits fake items on the site. Our members are aware that if they scam the system their account may be blocked and it will be harder for them to register with a different account.

Why do I need an e-mail address?

You need to provide an e-mail address because all Sawe2 communication with you will be done through e-mail. Sawe2 will notify you when someone asks a question about an item you posted, it will notify you about any major change or upgrade done on the system and any other matter that might be of interest to you as Sawe2 member. Your e-mail will remain confidential and will not be use but for the purposes you agreed.

I can’t complete my registration

When you are filling your registration details, you need to fill all the required fields (marked by an asterisk). I fail to do so, you can’t complete the registration. You also need to provide a valid mobile number from one of the countries allowed and a valid e-mail address.